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quote'It's part of the deep mythology of our lives, that place you go when you fall asleep. Now ross really takes us there, and it's a breathtaking trip. Children are going to love it! His brilliant debut mixes the unexpected imagination of a Roald Dahl like fantasy with the true magic of children's dreams'

Zac Wonder

Zac is an average eleven-year-old. He's a Wakeling (somebody from our world - the Waking World). He's tall and gangly. He doesn't have many friends, and he's always had the feeling that he doesn't quite belong. Zac's mother died just after he was born, and his father abandoned him when he was very little. He's lived with his grandmother, Granny Wonder, for as long as he can remember. One night, on the stroke of midnight, he follows his grandmother through a blizzard and discovers that she has a secret. A big secret. For Zac, everything is about to change.

Granny Wonder

Granny is tiny and round, with a cloud of silver hair. She always wears two pairs of spectacles - one of which happens to double as a wand. Granny is from Nocturne - the dream world. She spent her younger days battling evil Dream Pirates alongside her fellow Knights of Nod. These days she lives a quiet life in the Waking World with her grandson. But that's about to change. The Dream Pirates are back, and the Knights need her help.

Rumpous Tinn

Tinn is the Grandmaster of the Knights of Nod. He is the most gifted magician in all of Nocturne. His power, wisdom, and mischievous sense of humour make him a great leader. At the beginning of the book, we find Tinn trapped in the Dream Pirate lair after an ambush. Cut off from his friends, and weakened by the attack, escape for the old man looks unlikely. That is, until a surprise encounter with an extraordinary girl sets off a chain of events that lead Tinn into his greatest adventure.


A fourteen-year-old girl with the heart of a lion, Noelle has been trapped in the Dream Pirate lair since she was very young. She possesses the power of invisibility, which enables her to sneak around under her captors' noses. When she meets Tinn, they decide to work together to escape, and Noelle starts to believe that she might finally win her freedom. But it won't be easy...


This mysterious masked lady is truly an enigma. She is the leader of the Dream Pirates, and she'll stop at nothing to ensure that they rule Nocturne. Shadow plans to build a huge Dream Pirate army, all feeding on the fear of dreaming Wakelings. She regularly kills Dream pirates who fail to carry out her orders. Nobody knows her true identity.

Rigby Sundown

This patched-up old pilot is greatest sky captain in all of Nocturne. Sundown agrees to fly Granny and the Knights to Port Town, and soon gets far more that he bargained!

The Knights of Nod

Cornelius Huggins: A blustery old magician. His ragged black cowboy hat and long coat suit his cowboy-like personality perfectly - he tends to shoot first and think later.
Tom and Tilly Huggins: Cornelius' grandchildren. They have unique powers of their own, and have only just begun their training as Knights. They bicker a lot, but work very well together in a tight spot.
Julius Tibbs: Tinn's apprentice. A very nervous young Knight, untested in battle. Very intelligent, with a great gut instinct, he is held back by his lack of self-belief.
Gideon Small: Hugely tall and thin with an uproarious sense of humour, Gideon's outward appearance hides the serious and talented magician underneath.